Portainer does not have a password reset feature. We will have to you use a password container helper.

1- Firstly, we will stop the Portainer container.docker container stop portainer

2- We will run the helper using the same bind-mount/volume for the data volumedocker run --rm -v portainer_data:/data portainer/helper-reset-password

The response should be similar to the below.2020/06/04 00:13:58 Password succesfully updated for user: admin 2020/06/04 00:13:58 Use the following password to login: &_4#\3^5V8vLTd)E"NWiJBs26G*9HPl1

3- Finally, we will restart the Portainer container.docker container start portainer

Now, we have our username and password to log in into Portainer portal.